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Our Story

Our journey started a few years back when we decided to contact high-end designers, in the hope of being able, to select specific items to sell in out various e-commerce projects.

Because we wanted to offer only those items at the best prices possible, we knew that it was a long way to go before we were able to diversify our selection.

Our first order was one Louboutin shoes, one Vuitton handbag and two Armani watches! That first order cost us, almost £4000!!  We knew that our goal was to reduce the final price so you can enjoy the supreme quality without the need of asking for a loan!! 🙂

Since then, patiently, we increased the number of items in each order until we achieved the required quantity, to be able to offer the best prices to our customers without compromising on the quality

Premier Boutique UK is the final piece of the puzzle, and now if you shop with us, you’ll know that is extremely difficult, near impossible, to get this type of High-End products at a lower price.

Our formula is simple, the more customers we have, the best prices we can offer, simple right?

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