Colouring tips from a celebrity hairdresser

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Every season, women take a page from fashion publications and upgrade their clothing, shoes and makeup while neglecting their greatest device: hair colour.

Some women do not understand that hair colour, like completely formed eyebrows, can really specify a lady’s look. While a modification of season ends up being an opportunity to experiment, it is necessary to not only understand the essentials behind colour-treating tresses, but also the procedure of preserving it.

” My clients are constantly asking how they can sustain colour and keep it from fading,” states Pantene Celeb Colorist Rita Hazan. “I constantly stress that there is no use investing a lot of cash to colour your hair if you aren’t going to follow the best steps and use products to really make the challenge of maintaining deep, glowing colour uncomplicated.”

Here, Hazan shares some simple tips on how to guarantee your hair colour is rich, vibrant and healthy looking:

The way of life Lesson: Before making any colour modifications, realistically consider your way of life and just how much time you can dedicate to maintenance and care.

Daring types who are up for the challenge can consider making a more extreme change, while low-maintenance women must most likely go for an easier-to-manage colour procedure such as highlights.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate: Hair loses wetness throughout the colour-treating process and as a result ladies are entrusted thirsty, straw-like tresses.

Attempt utilising a deep-conditioning treatment once a week to keep hair hydrated, shiny and healthy. Massage treatment through strands from root to tip and make certain to leave in for 30 minutes so that it deeply permeates hair.

Extra TLC: Color-treated strands need a little additional care throughout everyday hair care regimens. Rather of rubbing hair strongly after washing, carefully pat it dry to avoid colour from looking faded.

Always utilise a rinse-out conditioner on colour-treated hairs and let hair air-dry for a few minutes whenever possible before blow-drying so that you use less heat and keep more wetness intact for brilliant, healthy-looking colour.


Maintenance Must: To keep colour from fading or looking dull in between hair salon visits, correct upkeep is a must. Constantly use products developed specially for colour-treated hair.

For the 33 per cent of women who grumble that their blonde highlights turn brassy, attempt the brand-new Pantene Pro-V Blonde Expressions Highlight Enhancing Hair Shampoo and Conditioner, designed to improve blonde tones and protect against destructive elements such as mineral deposits and dulling residues.

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